Driving Success with Synergy

SiamPay has integrated with some of the world’s market-leading platforms to ensure that we can facilitate seamless payment acceptance for any type of business.

STAAH specializes in cloud-based solutions that enable accommodation providers to drive profitability and boost visibility.
Invoicera is an online invoicing application designed to simplify the process of account receivables management.
GHS is a Singapore-based company that delivers innovative marketing solutions for businesses in the hospitality industry.
Boomer is a digital marketing application that lets you easily create, manage & market your own website on any mobile device.
SiteMinder is a leading cloud platform that enables hotels of all sizes to attract, reach and convert guests worldwide.
EasyStore is an easy-to-use ecommerce platform that allows you to sell products online with your own branded online store.
SimplyBook.me is an online scheduling solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses of all types.
Fusion runs as an event solutions provider powered by Circdata, a premier exhibitor of events apps, NFC enabled devices, online registration and a lot more. This enables event managers to monitor online visibility and property availability.
D-EDGE operates as an end to end cloud-based solution suited to the hospitality industry’s global distribution. This lets hoteliers generate their online visibility, booking rates, and accept digital payments from online bookers.
njuko performs as an advanced booking system suited for all types of sports events planning. Its scalable platform services enable sports apps and websites to offer streamlined booking payments.
366 Security and Compliance apply as booking tokenization connected with Octorate’s premiere channel manager. By that, hoteliers can conduct visitor engagement, boost revenues on site and ensure a secure payment process to its bookers.
Aitea, a solutions provider for the Quick-Serve Restaurants (QSRs)/ fast-food chains like KFC, Jollibee, Nam Heong, 13 Stages, etc.

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