Offer discounts for credit card
transactions during checkout.

Shoppers have a tendency to buy more whenever they see a good deal online. Encourage repeat purchases via credit cards with PromoPay, a card promotion solution developed by SiamPay which enables merchants to run promotional campaigns and offer special discounts during the checkout process to stimulate online sales.

cardpromo service overview
Increase Sales
Drive Online Sales

PromoPay helps you convert more site visitors into paying customers by giving you the capability to implement countless discounts and limited-time promotions.

Improve Retention
Improve Customer Retention

PromoPay lets you occasionally offer discounts that encourage repeat purchases and continued customer loyalty among online shoppers.

Deliver Value
Deliver Value to Customers

PromoPay helps you exceed customer expectations by providing shoppers with deals that allow them get more out of their money’s worth.


Campaign Maintenance

Promotion Campaign Maintenance

Run multiple promotions and monitor each campaign’s performance with ease in one platform.

Promotion Rule Maintenance

Promotion Rule Maintenance

Define your campaign’s specific parameters such as discount types, discount rates, minimum charges and more.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Engage more consumers by offering discounts in either Thai or English for a wider market reach.

Improve sales with card discounts.