What is PayBooth?
PayBooth is an Online Payment Collection Centre tailored to the business needs of a SiamPay merchant, and specially caters to those who do not have an e-Commerce payment gateway. It is very simple and convenient for customers to make payment with their credit cards by using this special feature.

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* Please make sure that the Merchant ID is correct.

To merchants:
To start with, a merchant should register with SiamPay service. Upon successful registration, a merchant would receive a unique Merchant ID, in which customers should refer to when making payment at this centre.

Merchant can monitor his / her own account anytime and anywhere, with the tailor-made online Merchant Admin Tool at SiamPay.com. Merchant can also update their profile as well as publish a transactional report with this tool.

To customers: Before making a payment, a customer should ask the merchant for its unique Merchant ID. He / She thus need to refer this Merchant ID and other necessary payment details when payment is made at the centre. Email notification will be sent to inform the transactional status.

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